Purification techniques in the form of: proper diet, proper hygiene, healthy lifestyle, physical and powerful breathing exercises to highly purify the body, meridians and the aura; ancient meditational practices are revealed to gradually purge ancient seeds and vices (negative thought patterns, pent up emotions and tendencies from past and present lives) lodged in the chakras and development of virtues for character building. According to Master Choa, inner purification is extremely important before doing Sadhana or meditation, as the Divine Energy has the ability to magnify all kinds of energies, including negative energy.

Advanced meditation techniques in form of: Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination that enables with practitioner to achieve oneness with the Higher Soul using Emotional and Divine Love, Meditation on the Higher Soul that enables the practitioner to achieve union with the Higher Soul using gentle Will combined with awareness and Arhatic Kundalini Meditation that aims at safely awakening the Sacred Fire (Kundalini Energy), developing the will aspect of the soul, accelerate the evolution of the soul and the physical body. The purpose of Kundalini Meditation is to activate the brain cells so that they can register the inner experiences and also to cleanse the system from negative ancient seeds. Arhatic Dhyan Meditation is used to develop the capacity for prolonged awareness. Dhyan in term is equal to Zen which means prolonged awareness.

The most important part discussed though is how we can increase our connection with God and the Spiritual Teacher as such advanced techniques cannot be practised without their Blessings, divine guidance, divine help and divine protection! There is only one physical Sat Guru for Arhatic Yoga, that is Master Choa Kok Sui.

As you advance in the practices of Arhatic Yoga, you will achieve self-mastery. You will experience better physical health and a stronger body. Life will not be emotionally chaotic. Your soul will be in control of your emotions, your thoughts and actions. You will be able to produce results easily and be more dynamic. This will have a positive effect on your prosperity. With continued practice, one is able to experience divine bliss, divine ecstasy and divine oneness. An Arhatic Yogi gradually develops greater healing power, intuition, sharp and intelligent mind, refined emotions and a powerful will. Arhat is basically a person who through diligent practice and character building has overcome his lower nature.

The higher purpose of spiritual practices is to accelerate the evolutionary development of the soul so that the person can be of greater service to mankind and to planet Earth. The purpose of Arhatic Yoga is to produce intelligent, compassionate, good hearted, powerful disciples who will become great divine servants.

There are 7 levels taught in Arhatic Yoga. Prior to that, there are 2 Preparatory Levels starting from ‘Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul’ course, which is open for all, and ‘Arhatic Yoga- Preparatory Level’ for which the eligibility is Pranic Psychotherapy and Achieving Oneness courses. Arhatic Yoga Preparatory level course contains many priceless teachings and techniques (some of them mentioned above) that prepare the student for the powerful and highly increased downpour of Divine Energy experienced in ‘Arhatic Yoga- Level 1′.

Entry into Level 1 is based on screening process undertaken by the Acharyas, and some criterias considered in screening are: regularity of practice, physical purifications and character building, and service and tithing. One may apply for Level 1 after 2 years of practice of the Preparatory Levels.

According to our Teacher Master Choa Kok Sui, the objective of every Arhatic Yogi is to become a Baby Arhat. He says, ‘by the time the practitioner reaches Arhatic Yoga Level 7, the yogi is already practising to become an Arhat’.


Sources: Beyond the Mind; The Origin of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga; www.pranichealing.com

(Healing Tree Sep -Oct MMXIV)



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